The Way You Sit Hurts Your Tailbone

Spine and backbone these are some common terms which are considered seriously after the term cardiac arrest or anything like that, spine or backbone is something on which the whole body is dependent nobody can expect to stand or sit straight without the help of the spine. Now comes the technical part the spine is divided in three parts, upper, middle and the bottom (lower) we here will discuss the lower part of the spine and the technical term for the lower back spine is known as ‘tailbone’. This is not that common term but medical practitioners also don’t use this term much there are so many other terms which supersedes this new term.

Anyways the way we sit-no actually on the chair or anything which we sit on impacts the spine and the lower bones of the body badly or in a positive way. So there is a product which is known as ‘tailbone cushion’ usually it is recommended by the doctors but we can use it normally to just to make our seat comfortable. Tailbone cushion softly elevates the hips of the person sitting on the cushion and automatically provides better opportunity to sit properly and in a straight posture. Now comes the technical part which most of us don’t know i.e. there is no way a tailbone cushion would work on a chair without back support. Back support is very important for the posture to get straighten. Hips are considered for seating purpose only but, hips are a body part and unknowingly a lot of stress is imposed on this body part (as most of us belong to sedentary lifestyle which is something usual and creating a lot of trouble in daily life) in order to soothe and relax the veins and hip muscles it is important to spend some money over tailbone cushion, this will help a person to save some money and severe medical issues. Although with all such product there is a clear disclaimer given i.e. if the bone still hurts consult your doctor right away as it may be something serious.

Anyways, in order daily life we hardly practice good posture which is actually the root cause for every pain in the back. Try to avoid any such activity which causes paid, whatever physical activity one is doing which is causing pain must be stopped immediately (this has nothing to do with the use of a tailbone cushion, even the use of a tailbone cushion and right pelvic pain cushion won’t help if the practice of sitting with the bad posture is continued). Hence it is recommended to go for a physiotherapy if something severe is happening and if a lot of pain is felt right after the use of any such product.

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