Want To Become A Physio? Here Is What You Need To Know.

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The basic role of the physio is to guide the patient to regain the strength and balance in the body to recover from some disease, accident or injury and not only focus on temporary relief but focus on permanent lifestyle solutions so that the pain never comes back in the future. In order to perform the physiotherapies, the physio first need to assess the problems, devise out the physiotherapy plan which is customized and different for each patient and then perform this with the patient and also keep track of their progress.

What types of physiotherapies are performed by the physio?

There is a range of standard and approved physiotherapies each of which is defined to cure a certain set of problems. Such as the musculoskeletal is designed to treat the strains, pains in back, issues with the posture whereas the cardiorespiratory is to reduce or cure the problems of breathing and is done to patients of the asthma and other kind of breathing disorders. Then there are neurological therapies which are designed for treating mental disturbance which are caused by some stroke or some head injury. There are other kinds as well including the geriatric, paediatric, sports, health of women, pain management as well as rehabilitation therapies. A physio in ashfield could learn some of these therapies to practice with or to choose the specialization in.

Work environment:

There are no defined work hours for the physio but usually they work 40 hours a week and this could be on any day either it is weekend or not, depends on the appointments and the schedule of the patients they are treating. Most of the times the physio works in the hospital but other times they also need to be sent to patient houses to make an assessment when the patient is not able to come to the hospital. Sometimes physio also works privately which means that they attend the patients in their clinic and then go to their places for performing the therapies. For the sports physio, the working hours are usually on the weekend.



The qualifications are standard for the physio as a doctor but what really makes a physio the best are the additional skills which include their ability to communicate, work as a team with the patient and their family, be mindful of the time and is always organized. These are essential skills because the objective of the physio is to motivate the patient and make him believe that he is going to get better, this is the only way the patient will put his best efforts and will trust the physio and this is how the results will be quicker and better. Not only this but the physio must be organized at keeping tracks of the progress of every patient and should show it to the family and the patient so that they could stay optimistic about the future.For more information visit our website www.clinicalphysiosolutions.com.au.

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