What Are The Common Signs Of Anxiety?

Anxiety and depression are a real disease. People don’t talk much about these diseases. People who have been going through it know the pain and the discomfort that which it has causes in their life. As we all know, everyone has become so busy in their own life. No one has time to sit and have a conversation with each other. Sitting alone and idle also make people fall into depression and they start getting panic attacks without any specified reason. For such people anxiety counselling in Adelaide is mandatory so that they can live happily and let others live happily. 

When people have no one around to talk then they gradually starting to live in their own company and when someone come in their life, they start imposing their decisions and thoughts on it. When they fight or argue on the things that are forcefully imposed on each other then they start falling into depression and eventually anxiety hits. 

The Common Signs 

All the people have different reactions to the stress and hence they appear with different signs of anxiety. Most of the people and the common signs that people notice of anxiety are mentioned below. 

  • Overthinking: 

When we start over thinking even on small things and we feel like that this thing is huge whereas if we see from the neutral perspective, it is such a tiny thing that really doesn’t matter. But it makes the victim think that it a huge thing.  

  • Panic Attacks: 

Let’s say, a person is mentally ill and he has an issue of anxiety then he gets panic attacks very often. If he is working in an office and he has made any mistakes then rather trying to eliminate that mistake instantly he starts getting the panic attacks and hence the time and the deadlines has been passed to resolve the issues. 

  • Restlessness: 

Sometimes, we feel restlessness in our body. We feel like that there is something going to happen. Something bad is going to happen with us or with our loved one. The feeling doesn’t let us live in peace. 

  • No Focus on Anything:  

We gradually start losing focus on all the things. We feel like we are good for nothing and there is nothing in this world that we can do. 

  • Difficulty in Falling Asleep: 

We become a victim of insomnia. People sleep because they want peace of mind. A person who has anxiety fell difficult in sleeping. He stays awake all the night long and next day, he feels tired and lethargic. 

So, if you know someone or you have been going through this situation or a similar situation then get yourself checked and visit Kensington Psychology and wellbeing centre. We have the best counsellors who provide relationship counselling in Adelaide, couples counselling all the related counselling under one roof. 

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